WHOIS.JORDAN.IM(7) Miscellaneous Information Manual WHOIS.JORDAN.IM(7)

asnmap hosts to their corresponding ASN over the WHOIS protocol

asn(1) is a WHOIS server which provides BGP announcement information sourced from a local database cache generated using the IPFIRE dataset.

is a public asn instance for personal use.

whois(1) can be used to communicate with the server using --host and --port arguments. Both hostnames and IP address are accepted.

$ whois -h whois.jordan.im google.com

IP Address               | AS Number | Country | AS Name | Announcement
-------------------------+-----------+---------+---------+--------------------           | 15169     | US      | GOOGLE  |
2a00:1450:4009:80b::200e | 15169     | IE      | GOOGLE  | 2a00:1450:4009::/48

$ whois -h whois.jordan.im

IP Address | AS Number | Country | AS Name       | Announcement
-----------+-----------+---------+---------------+-------------    | 13335     | AU      | CLOUDFLARENET |

If a hostname is provided, queries for each resolved A/AAAA record will be returned. The dataset is regenerated daily to ensure response accuracy.

An instance of the asn HTTP component is hosted at ip.jordan.im which provides the requesting address's autonomous system information over HTTP via JSON.

$ curl ip.jordan.im

  "host": "",
  "hostname": "maple.jordan.im",
  "org": "AS8943 Jump Networks Ltd",
  "announcement": ""

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